Attunements & Healing Sessions



We offer two types Reiki attunements, practitioner attunements and healing attunements.

*Prior to any Reiki attunement please refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages or caffeinated products for at least 24 hours. This is for your own comfort as attunements require a great deal of energy to be sent through your body and you may feel sick if you have too much alcohol or caffeine in your system at the time of an attunement.

Practitioner Attunements -

The practitioner attunements are part of our Reiki certification classes, and open you to the Infinite or Universal Energy, allowing you to more efficiently use it.

Healing Attunements -

A healing attunement is a great way to increase your overall well-being and may be highly beneficial. These are recommended primarily for people who feel that they need a large amount of healing energy sent to them.

Healing Sessions

We offer remote Reiki healing sessions for anyone who is interested. We offer several types of healing sessions; chakra healing, aura cleansing, full body healing, and specific aliment healing.

Chakra Healing -

You chakras are points which allow the energy to flow through the body. If a chakra is blocked, misaligned, or closed that causes the energy flow to be disrupted and can manifest as emotional or physical issues. There are 7 main chakras and 108 sub-chakras. This services clears, balances, and opens all the chakras so that they allow the energy in your body to flow correctly.

Aura Cleansing -

Your aura surrounds your body and can collect negative energy and emotional attachments. Cleansing your aura can help to remove these attachments, however it is important to note that only the attachments you are ready to lose will disappear or be cleared away. This can help you feel better emotionally.

Full Body Healing -

Full body healing involves sending Reiki to your entire body. This can help you feel better overall and is recommended even for those who do not currently have a need to heal as a preventative measure.

Specific Aliment Healing -

Specific aliment healing involves sending energy for a specific issue, such as headaches or sciatica. If for instance you are suffering from frequent headaches, we can send Reiki to you to treat your head, neck, and shoulders to help relieve the tension there and thus help reduce the intensity and frequency of your headaches.

*Please keep in mind that Reiki is a holistic practice.

To purchase a Healing Session or Healing Attunement please see our Reiki Products page.


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